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Buried treasure

Today my lovely friend Kevin came over for lunch. He left about nine hours later, having first helped me set up my new laptop and transfer all the data across from the old one (while trying nobly to explain it all to me in sentences simple enough that I didn’t glaze over…), and having then accompanied Finn and I and the dog, Boots, down to the Merri Creek to plant some trees! Three of them. Which we carried down in a green supermarket bag, with a small trowel and a bottle of water and some disintegrating gardening gloves, to a patch of mulched but empty looking garden bed, where I proceeded to dig. Or to try to dig, though it quickly became clear why there were no other trees in the area. The soil was thick with rubble, which my cheap trowel kept bouncing off. After I’d prodded and jabbed for a while I got an edge in under something and soon after unearthed a bit of a car (something to do with the brake, said Kevin), and then some crockery and a lot of broken glass. We were digging in an old tip!

After a bit I gave up there and tried another spot, with much the same result, but with Finn and then Kevin’s help we made a reasonable sized hole and poured in water and added a tree. We did the same thing a couple of metres on (Boots all the time yapping hysterically, as only a poodle-cross who hasn’t been walked for days can do…). Poor little trees – i don’t know what sort of life they’ll have there, but at least they’re unlikely to get mown over by the council guys, as happenned to the surviving two of the three I put in the nature strip near home…

The third I put in along the side of the bike track as we headed back towards the car and tucked in as it began to get dark.

To be honest I don’t know that any of them will survive. And at least half of me wonders if the whole thing isn’t pointless. And yet there we were, at the end of the day, with the yapping dog and the reedy creek and my son bent over putting name tags into the ground  next to each tree. And perhaps that was enough.


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