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Right now I’m not planting trees. For the next 10 days I’m sitting instead in the beautiful Varuna writers centre in the Blue Mountains of NSW doing absolutely nothing but write, eat, sleep – and talk with my fellow writers and illustrator about life, love, writing, food, tv, children, sex and just about whatever else we can fit in between 7pm (when dinner arrives!) and bedtime. I would have been walking too, except that since I got here three days ago it has not stopped raining. It’s extraordinarily soothing but it’s also making me sad. It seems ridiculous that here rain is billowing in across my window in raggedy sheets, while in MelbourneĀ  today it was another sunny 30 degrees. Flying out, the state looked like an oldĀ  dried carcass beneath me.
Here, I ran an enormous, guilt-free bath and lay reading and drifting for 45 minutes. Poor me.


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